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Please contact us on : support@beyondthemoves.com


Yes you can cancel anytime directly from your account

This is not an event it’s an online Dance academy for freestyle dancers all around the world you can join where ever you are. 

Yes, you can join from anywhere in the world, we have students in 40+ countries   Your location will not be a problem.

We recommend  2 hours per week to practice the exercises that you will be given. If you feel the need to practice more you are more than welcome to do so. As long as you remain consistent with your training on a weekly basis you will get great results

The programs are made in such a way that you can easily adapt it to your schedule, we don’t tell you when to train, you decide when is the best time for you to work on the program. If you have 2 hours   per week to dedicate to your passion then you are ready to start.  

Our teaching goes much deeper than just dance tutorials because you’ll not be learning dance moves or a choreography in front of a screen instead you’ll get access to proven strategies and ideas to become a successful freestyle dancer.  

I believe online dance classes will never replace traditional dance classes, and this is not my intention to do so, however online teaching is a great supplement to our traditional way of learning dance.

Usually, a dance class is about 1h 30min long which is very short to work in depth on a subject, therefore, most dancers never have a step by step action plan to follow.

That’s where online teaching can play a big role because not only you can work deeper on a subject but you can learn at your own pace.

Most importantly do what works for you if you want to give BTM Academy a try you have nothing to lose because you can start for free, to see if it’s the right fit for you.

If you have watched the video above or read the information above you have shown interest in the BTM formation and chances are this program is for you. The best way to know is to try and if you don’t find value from the Academy you can cancel at any time.