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In this freestyle pattern, Dykens will share with you his technical journey. After this one month of training, you’ll discover how to improve your technique to enhance your natural way of moving and enrich your dance style.

1: Repetition

The key to developing your technique is repetition; you’ll practice some creative pattern to enhance your technical side.

2: Space management

Learn how to utilise slide, jump, & walk to control the space when you’re dancing.

3: Music atmosphere

Learn how to get inspired by the music atmosphere to develop your storytelling while freestyling.

4: Animation

Learn how to shape your moves to make them cleaner and increase the quality of your movement.

5: Technical structures

Learn how to develop your technical structures to integrate your technique in your natural way of moving.

6: Rhythmic

Learn how to identify the music rhythms and understand when to add your rhythm to push your musicality to the next level.

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