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In this freestyle pattern program, Jade will be sharing with you how to deepen the connection with yourself and create more awareness about your dance style. After one month of training, you’ll gain more clarity and control of your body.

1: Element 

Learn how to get familiar with the following elements: wind, water, earth to deepen the connection with yourself.

2: The edge  

Learn how to use your full range of motion while dancing to expand your moves and explore some unusual positions.

3: Twist  

Learn how to create some unusual shape with your body by using the technique of twisting.

4: Rebound  

Learn how to make your dance more unpredictable with the rebound technique.

5: Inner vibe  

Learn how to tap into your intuition while dancing

6: Floorwork

Learn how to play with isolation, the godown concept, and your balance to develop body awareness.

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