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1: Introduction:

In this program, Jimmy will share with you his approach to musicality, what works for him and how you can use those tools to create a better relationship with the music.

2: Voice intensity: 

Quickly identify the singer or rapper’s flow during your freestyle to enhance your musicality.

3: Movement & silence:  

Understand how to use silence in your movement to captivate your audience from the beginning to the end of your performance.

4: Rhythm:  

learn how to play with the logic beat of any music

5: The song atmosphere:  

Learn how to perfectly match the beat musically as well as visually, with this approach you will be able to add more texture to your movements.

6: How to dance on the lyrics even when you don’t know it: 

Dancing perfectly on a piece of music that you don’t know doesn’t happen by luck there’s a structure you can apply to get it right all the time.

7: Simple moves: 

Learn how to develop your style by leveraging the power of simplicity

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