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In this program, Joker will be sharing with you how you can make your freestyle skills adaptable to several dance situations such as Choreography, Battle, Theatre work, and more…Module 1: Choreography

1: Choreo-freestyle  

Learn how to make your choreography look like your freestyle.

2: Choreography expansion  

Learn how to develop spontaneity in your choreography by adapting your moves to any music. Module 2: Battle

1: Breathing technique 

Understand the importance of breathing and find out how to remain calm in battles.

2: 30 second to convince the judges  

Learn how to get the most out of your skills in a very short time. Module 3: Develop your identity

1: Personalise your moves  

Learn how to find and develop your signature moves.

2: Make your signature moves look natural  

Learn How to adapt your signature moves in your freestyle. Module 4: Theatre

1: Stamina  

Learn how to control your cardio on stage by utilising Slow-motion and speed motion in continuity.

2: Space  

Understand how to utilise body space and stage space in your advantage.

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