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In this dance program, Kapela will be sharing with you his approach to house dancing not only you will learn the technical aspect of the dance but he will dive deep into the mindset required to perfect your style and stand out from the crowd. Module 1: Mind

1: Power of repetition  

Repetition doesn’t have to be boring, learn how to get into the habit of repeating movements while having fun in the process.

2: Adapt the basics  

Learn how to adapt the basic to different house music

3: Customise the basics  

Once you know how to adapt the basics to any song now it’s time to personalise them and make them your own.


Develop your movement memory by utilising the round trip technique

5: Mental strength 

Understand how to overcome challenges that you might be facing in your dance journey, Kapela will also share some personal obstacle that almost made him quit dancing.

6: Confidence 

Learn how to develop your confidence as a freestyle dancer even if you haven’t won many dance battles yet. Module2: Body

1: Fit movement  

Learn how to condition your body with your dance. Module 3: Soul

1: Groove  

Understand what is your natural way of moving so you can develop your groove

2:Jack, bounce, rebound

Develop these 3 energies to enrich your house dance skills


How to leverage the lyrics and the flat beat to experience different sensations in your freestyle

4: Identity

Understand how to develop your identity, then embrace your identity, then defend your identity.

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