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In this program, Laura will share with you her approach to movement development you will sharpen your freestyle dance techniques while customising your groove. Module 1: The 5 basic energy:

1: Grounded energy  

How to use grounded energy effectively in your freestyle and develop your moves from it.

2: Aerial energy 

How to use aerial energy to create contrast with the grounded energy.

3: Jerky energy  

Jerky energy is one the best way to enhance your energy variation skills you’ll find out how.

4: Heavy energy  

How to slow down the pace while keeping your moves very interesting to watch.

5: Mix energy  

Alright, now it’s time to mix them all to add much more variation to your freestyle. Module 2: Techniques and development

1: Development of basic moves  

How to develop any move without changing the move

2: Development and space  

How to utilise the space around you to enhance your dance style.

3: Development fixpoint  

How to utilise the fixpoint technique to create some cool effect with your body

4: Movement stability  

How to be comfortable with taking risk while freestyling. Module 3: Musicality Development

1: The unknown  

How to easily get familiar with music that you don’t know on stage.

2: Ambient song  

An effective approach to developing the organic aspect of your dance style while developing your musicality.

3: Playlist 3 Song you love  

How to be unpredictable even on music that you already know very well.

4: The Music Vibe:

How to develop your ability to adapt to multiple kinds of music even when you don’t like the song.

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