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Module 1: 20 lessons


The wrong mindset is what prevent most dancers from achieving their greatness. Mental toughness, self-awareness & a strong identity are non-negotiable if you want to stand a chance in the dance industry that’s why we will be working on proven strategy & techniques to help you tap into your full potential on command.

Module 2: 36 lessons


Movement is the tool that you use to express yourself as a dancer, the same way we use words to communicate as human beings, but words alone are worthless until you know how to use them to communicate effectively.

The same applies to dance it’s not about how many moves you know it’s about how well you use them to captivate your audience. Throughout the year we’ll be working deep on movement mastery.

Module 3: 10 lessons


I like to say “a musician makes you listen to the music but a dancer makes you see the music” we are the visual effect of the sound when we understand how to create a perfect relation with the music we can push our creativity to an all-new level.

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