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BTM Mentorship is a training program that gives you the customized training, classes, community, coaching, accountability, and holistic support necessary to achieve the next level of your freestyle dance.

Learning freestyle dance is deeply rewarding, but uniquely challenging.

BTM Mentorship is a training program that gives you the customized training, classes, community, coaching, accountability, and holistic support necessary to achieve the next level of your freestyle dance. Watch the video below to see how.


BTM Mentorship is for freestyle dancers looking for a step by step plan to reach the next dance level of your dance and increase confidence in your skills. If you’re reading this, you might be struggling with:

  • Dancing and battling with confidence, and performing the way you want.
  • Feeling held back by the judgement and opinions of others about your dance.
  • Maintaining consistent high-level performance and passing preselections.
  • Integrating foundation and technique into your natural way of moving.
  • Balancing dance and practice with other parts of your life.
  • Embracing your true self when performing in front of an audience.
  • Growing consistently and breaking plateaus.


Freestyle dance is more than just learning steps and looking “good.” 

  • Increase your confidence by developing awareness of your true potential.
  • Let go of the past and leave behind your doubts, fears, and criticisms about dance.
  • Have the confidence to enter a dance competition and detach yourself from the results (win or lose).
  • Be free to express your dance however you want while still applying the foundations.
  • Connections with like-minded friends, supporters, and mentors to help you practice, share knowledge, and challenge yourself.

What members are saying

Cj Salvador

“Beyond the Moves has given me a clear cut way of training that never gets boring. It not only help me unlock my freestyle, but it also helped me understand myself on a more personal level as well.”

Alyson Stoner

“Movement is a gift, and I’m so inspired by the variety of exercises that help us uncover our unique language and expression. I have a background in choreography, so delving into freestyle is less familiar. The BTM courses break down everything into clear steps so I can consciously create a foundation and new vocabulary. Thank you!”
Was so happy to come across your programs as I ease back into movement after a long hiatus. Appreciate all you’re offering. Sending love to you and the team!


It’s hard to count things I like about Beyond The Moves One of them is that it really helps me to find ME. And I feel that I’m part of a big family filled with talented dancers.
BTM keeps me motivated and helps me think positive about how I dance.
What helped me the most was probably not judging my moves and really focusing on the present moment.
I learn more with BTM in 3 months than what I learn in 1 year at my dance school.

How it Works

The program consists of 3 parts: BTM practice, Weekly online classes, and the private community. 

Start your 7-day FREE  trial today, and get full access to all BTM Programs

  • In-depth dance programs
  • Get personalised feedback on your dance.
  • Exchange with like-minded BTM members around the world.
  • Get clarity to accelerate your progress.

Pay annually

£150/ year

Best Value: Save £114 and get 5 months free when you join on the annual subscription.

Pay Monthly


1st week of each month: Battle Practice

2nd week of each month: Choreography Practice

3rd week of each month: BTM Cypher & Mentoring

4th: week of each month: Guest Workshop

Yes, you can learn from the recording at your own pace.

There are 3 ways to get feedback in BTM:

  1. In the community, when you post your weekly assignments.
  2. During the weekly online classes.
  3. During your private one on one session.

I believe online dance classes will never replace traditional dance classes, and it is not my intention to do so. However, online teaching is an excellent supplement to our traditional way of learning dance.

Usually, a dance class is about 1-1.5 hours long, which is a very short time period to work in-depth on a subject.

Therefore, most dancers never have a step by step action plan to follow. That’s where online teaching can play a big role because not only can you work deeper on a subject, but you can learn at your own pace.

This is a common problem with many dancers before joining BTM. Many teachers focus on technique-based concepts: work on your ABC’s, and then build on them afterwards. In addition, teaching yourself without any external feedback can only bring you so far. 

If either of these sound familiar, you’re not alone. 

BTM uses a concept-based system. Connecting body and mind, gaining a deeper understanding of the philosophy behind your training, and bringing structure into your dance journey accelerates your personal growth. Even if you’ve struggled with movement in the past.

BTM is first and foremost about improving yourself as a freestyle dancer. If you feel pulled to learn freestyle, if there’s something about freestyle dance that speaks to you…something that you can’t quite understand yet…then BTM is definitely for you.